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MOOG Leather Desk Set-5 Accessories-Desk Organizer-Office Desk Accessories-Office Organizer-Desk Pad-Desktop Storage - Leather Desk Pad - 5 PCS

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MOOG Leather Desk Set - Desk Pad - Note Paper Holder -Pen Holder - Leather coaster - Calendar holder - 5 Accessories-Desk Organizer - Office Desk Accessories - Desktop Storage - 5 PCS

Leather Desk Set 5 Accessories

Leather desk set with 5 accessories offers good organizing your desk and prevent mess on the working table. It also enriches your working environment with its 5 useful accessories and provides a charming table with well organized appearance.

Desk Set Accessories ;

Desk pad with cover
Pen holder
Note paper holder
Leather coaster
Calendar holder

After Sales Support For Desk Sets

We offer high class customer service before and after sales.
In case of damages faced after the delivery and production caused errors are carefully handled by our team and replaced the necessary accessories in a short time to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Shipping & Returns

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