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MOOG Zebrona Leather Desk Organizer Set- 11 PCS

MOOG Zebrona Leather Desk Organizer Set- 11 PCS

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Product features

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sets boast luxurious faux leather exteriors that add sophistication to any workspace. With multiple compartments and slots, they provide ample storage for all your office essentials, keeping your desk tidy and organized. Plus, their durable construction ensures long-lasting use, while their easy-to-clean surface simplifies maintenance

Materials and care

To clean faux leather desk sets, gently wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Organizing is easy when you have the right tools!

It's easy to have a messy, ugly desk.

Neat stacks turn in to unruly piles.

Mousepads turn in to coffee-stained makeshift coasters.

"World's Greatest Dad" mugs become overflowing pencil cups, with a few loose rubber bands thrown in for good measure.

You don't have to work at having a disorganized, embarrassing mess on your just happens.

If you're tired of digging through heaps of paperwork, hunting for a business card that isn't bent, or the constant shuffling to make space to write, we are happy to report that the tables have turned!

You can now have an organized, clean, thoughtfully decorated desk with the same kind of "it just happens" ease.

This beautiful and functional desk set removes all of the barriers between messy and impressive.

You'll be organized, decorated, and ready to show off your new office in a matter of minutes!

Walnut Wood Brown Desk Set 11 Accessories Black

Leather desk set with 11 accessories offers good organizing your desk and prevent mess on the working table. Golden pen set and name plate give a rich look at visitor side and reflect the professional look. It also enriches your working environment with its 11 useful accessories and provides a charming table with well organized appearance.

Desk Set Accessories ;

Desk pad with cover
Manager pen base
Golden pen set - roller pen and fountain pen
Pen holder
Note paper holder
Leather coaster
Calendar holder
Document tray

Desk Clock

🎗After Sales Support For Desk Sets🎗

We offer high class customer service before and after sales. In case of damages faced after the delivery and production caused errors are carefully handled by our team and replaced the necessary accessories in a short time to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Get a better looking, more organized desk the easy way!

✅Everything you need to organize and decorate your desk
✅Stained wood with leather inlays
✅Perfectly matched pieces for a coordinated look

🎁A gift that they'll really use

Need a unique gift idea? These complete desk sets are tremendously popular gift items!

Dads, grads, new professionals, retiring or outgoing executives, new business owners, new home owners...the list goes on and on.

A desk set is an unexpected gift that is almost universally used and enjoyed for many years to come.

You can't say that about fruit baskets or neckties! Make this the year they don't have to fake it when the box is opened.

Give the challenging person on your list a gift that they'll use every single day, and be this year's gift-giving champ!

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