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MOOG Classic Desk Organizer - Brown - 12 PCS

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  • Width: 41 centimeters
  • Height: 63 centimeters
  • Depth: 7 centimeters

  • *Moog Defined what it is to outfit your office in an executive style, with these leather desk accessory sets.

    We are offering you the opportunity to find the office accessories that you need, conceived by our finest leather artisans. Made with authentic leather and in a unique palette of colors, you will definitely add a distinct touch of class to your office décor. Our leather office sets are also well coveted among professionals who use them in conference or meeting rooms.
    Size : Mobile Phone Holder Width : 3.93 Inches/10Cm Length : 3.93 Inches/10Cm Height : 3.93 Inches/10Cm | Desk Pad With Cover Width : 15.35 Inches/39Cm Length : 22.83 Inches/58Cm | Coaster(3 Pcs) Width : 4.13 Inches/10.50Cm Length : 4.13 Inches/10.50Cm | Business Card Holder Width : 2.16 Inches/5.5Cm Length : 4.52 Inches/11.50Cm Height : 1.96 Inches/5Cm | Gold Pen Set Width : 5.11 Inches/13Cm Length : 10.23 Inches/26Cm
    Size : Note Papper Holder Width : 4.33 Inches/11Cm Length : 4.33 Inches/11Cm Height : 2.16 Inches/5.5Cm | Pen Holder Width : 2.55 Inches/6.5Cm Length : 4.13 Inches/10.5Cm Height : 3.93 Inches/10Cm | Double Document Tray (One Tray Size) Width : 9.25 Inches/23.5Cm Length : 12.59 Inches/32Cm Height : 1.77 Inches/4.5Cm

    Exceeds Your Expectation - MOOG knows what matters the most to our clients: premium quality and no harm to health, so we updated the classic line of desktop essentials with all around better materials, from what you can see and can not be seen
    No Compromise - There're too many tricks in saving cost on this line of products, but we promise we're using top quality materials, also with high standard craftmanship.

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